We are so delighted to be sharing a guest blog today by the multi-talented Kathryn Fell Photography. With a background in marketing and over 10 years’ experience as a professional photographer, she now specialises in creating eye-catching and authentic branding imagery for entrepreneurs and creatives. Like us here at Creative ID, Kathryn is a big believer in making sure businesses shine and stand out for all the right reasons. She supports business owners with showcasing their work at its best and connecting with their ideal audiences through the power of visuals. We know one another closely and share many of the same values.

Red, Yellow, Pink, or Blue – Colours Have the Power to Bring Business to You

If I asked you to describe some of the world’s most iconic brands, I bet the colours they use would be one of the first things you’d think of.

The golden arches of McDonalds, the black and white of Apple and the blue, red, orange, and green of Google.

When it comes to marketing, colours mean everything, and consistency is key.

Get it right and you present a professional image that people will recognise and engage with.

Get it wrong, and well… there’s a reason the most successful brands don’t.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

With so many colours to choose from it can be difficult to decide which to use but decide you must. And choose wisely. Colours have power and can impact your sales or performance even more than your reputation or the products or services you offer.

Decisions, Decisions…

Some business owners just know which colours they want to use. They may mean something to them, be integral to their brand or just be their favourite colours from childhood.

Many don’t, and if you’re struggling ask yourself what your brand stands for, what it means to you and how you want your customers to feel when they think of you.

Get some ideas from the brands you love.

It’s a tough decision, I know, but one I love to help make. I spent years in marketing for some of the most well-known food brands and had to make some frankly terrifying decisions about packaging you’ll still find on your supermarket shelves.

Navy and Pink

Colours, Colours Everywhere

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