Vaishali Shah, Speaker Profile


Vaishali is an award-winning entrepreneur, running two successful businesses for over 20 years. She runs Creative ID, a branding and marketing consultancy, and Ananya Cards, a wedding and event stationery business. Vaishali strives to create a positive impact, both on her clients’ businesses and the wider world, donates 10% of profits to charity and has been an advisor for several charities worldwide. Outside of work, you will find Vaishali relaxing in a spa, exploring the newest art exhibition in the city, or travelling to beautiful places.

Branding & Marketing

Vaishali is an international branding and marketing consultant based between Dubai and London. She uses her 25-year marketing background, real-life experience and in-depth knowledge of different cultures to work with businesses to unlock their potential. She supports businesses all over the globe, many from the food, hospitality and lifestyle sectors, helping them connect with their ideal clients, strengthen their brand experience, and create purposeful, aspirational content they are proud to put into the world. Clients range from Michelin star chefs and international hotel chains to business coaches and interior designers.

She creates aspirational branding and marketing for inspirational brands. Vaishali wants to create meaningful, authentic engagement between brands and their audiences, to help them generate loyalty, sustainable growth, and new transactions from their ideal clients.

My personal values play a key role in my business practice too, particularly in terms of my dedication to sustainability, diversity, and charity work.

Vaishali S

Luxury Events

Vaishali also runs an award-winning luxury stationery brand, Ananya Cards, where for the last 17 years she has been creating sophisticated wedding and event stationery for celebrations rich in personality and culture. She is regularly called upon for industry comment, speaking engagements, and features in global wedding publications, blogs, and media, including Forbes, BBC, Huffington Post and The Sunday Times.

Cultural Diversity Training

Vaishali has given branding and cultural diversity training on various occasions including Lisa Johnson’s One To Many University, The Digital Circus Live and Inge Hunter’s The Agency. She has also been a guest on various podcasts, from the UK to Canada, sharing her experiences growing two businesses internationally, her entrepreneurial journey and her charitable work. She has also spoken on stage in the UK and Dubai about branding.

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