Power Hours

Are you struggling to get visible and noticed by the right people?

Our Power Hours are the perfect way to work with us for a focused session to handle a specific branding or marketing challenge.

Having worked in Paris and having clients in Tokyo, Dubai, Kenya, Jersey, London and the USA, this breadth of experience has afforded Vaishali a level of skill that she can deploy quickly and simply to assist with your branding and marketing challenges and identify the key actions that can be taken to help.

Touchpoints are where your brand and your customer or prospective customer come together, physically and digitally, from social media graphics to packaging to email signatures.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to stand out and build trust and credibility with the right audience, with a strong brand and a range of meaningful and consistent touchpoints. We have designed a Touchpoint Power-Up Hour to help you create a range of brand touchpoints that show the essence of who you are as a brand and create positive brand associations.

Working with a ‘Touchpoint Performance Framework’ which we have devised, we will look at your key touchpoints, evaluate them and suggest actions to take forward, to help build your business.

£195 for the hour

I loved the way Vaishali could quickly turn a thought into a creative idea to solve a problem or exploit my strengths. After just 60 minutes I walked away with over a dozen things to consider or create. It was a terrific experience.

Lori W

Marketing & Branding Power Hour

A power-packed hour where we can discuss any challenges you may be facing in your marketing and branding where you need some support – for example getting ready for a launch, identifying untapped opportunities, standing out with eye-catching graphics, social media engagement, crafting compelling content and more

Prior to our session, Vaishali will send you a short questionnaire so that she can take the time to understand your business and your goals for the next 6-12 months. It would be good to understand any challenges you may have, the reason why you would like a session and what you are hoping to achieve.

£195 +VAT for the hour

Using Vaishali’s expertise and experience she made various forward-thinking suggestions that gave a new impetus to my restaurant, enabling it to succeed in these challenging times.”

Simrat S