When it comes to giving back to our planet, communities, and causes we believe in – every little helps.

Many business owners think that they need to own big corporations with large profits in order to give back in significant ways – but that’s not the case at all! In fact, small businesses can have significant impacts on organisations, particularly local ones that may not have national visibility. The most important element is having a strategic and well-intentioned approach: think about philanthropy that is truly relevant and authentic to your business, that is aligned with your values and with what your customers expect, and that you are genuinely passionate about. Nowadays, nearly every business is participating in social causes, because the benefits are endless: it shows your customers that you are committed to your values, it builds brand and employee loyalty, it can assist your marketing efforts and introduce you to new networking opportunities, all the while creating true change for the better.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute to an organisation or cause that you care about, here are some ideas and suggestions that you can implement in your own sphere of influence, no matter the size.

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Donations to Smaller, Local Charities

You can be a great contributor even you’re not able to offer million-dollar donations! Consider researching small local charities, as they would benefit immensely from your donations. Any amount your business is able to raise will really make an impact for the smaller organisations. They will also very much appreciate you sharing the word and spreading the love, particularly if they are a charity that doesn’t have much opportunity for marketing or PR. Think local, and watch your community reap the benefits!

In-Kind Donations Instead of Funds

If you own a small businesses and you’d like to support charities that mean a lot to you – but you don’t have the profit margins that will allow this – then consider giving in-kind donations. This type of giving might be labour, professional services, event spaces, support with charity events, or simply volunteering a helping hand. You may find that the charity could use your help on the board, arranging a fundraiser, or bringing attention to its cause. Charities will often need trusted, dedicated members of the public to spread the message, and sometimes offering them your time, knowledge, and skills can be the best way to support your favourite charity. Money isn’t the only way to give back!

Team Building with Your Favourite Cause

If you have a team of employees or freelancers that you work with, another way of giving back can be to organise group activities that benefit your local charities. You could do a team charity run, cook dinner together at shelters, create a Christmas gift hamper for a charity, or participate in fundraisers as a team. Not only does this leverage the close-knit nature of your team to create positive change in the world, it also brings you together as a team and will remind you all of the importance of relationship and mutual support. It also reinforces your own brand values, by letting your employees and partners know how much giving back means to you.


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