With the new year in full swing now, changes in both our personal and professional lives prompt business owners to contemplate how to ensure their brands grow, thrive, and shine. Is your branding keeping pace with your audience? Is it adapting to your brand growth and evolution? Are you putting your best foot forward for the remainder of 2024?

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten branding must-haves to ensure you’re ready for your best year yet!

ONE. A firm understanding of who YOU are and who your clients are (now!)

Offering a great product or service is essential – but it’s not enough. One of the most important elements of business success is standing out for all the right reasons, and to all the right people. Do you know why a client would choose you over one of your competitors? What makes you unique? Is your brand still in alignment with what you’re selling and who you’re trying to attract? Do you know who your clients are, now? You need to be up to date on who your target audience is, what they are looking for, what their pain points are, and what values and messaging they respond to. When you
truly tailor your messaging to who you’re selling to, that genuine connection is what leads to conversion into sales. Remember that an outdated brand can’t drive your business into the future!

Logo design for Indian cooking sauces by Creative ID | www.creative-id.com
Logo design for Karma Curry, by Creative ID

TWO. A strong and complete brand language + consistent touchpoints

You already know that you need a captivating logo, distinctive visuals, and emotive colours – but remember that your brand identity is about more than that. It’s about drawing people in, and then continuing to tell your brand story through a complete picture of consistent touchpoints. In the world of branding and marketing, consumer expectations are higher than ever, and it’s essential that their customer journey with you is a branded, seamless, and premium experience from start to finish. Consistency in your brand elements, messaging, and interactions across various touchpoints is key to building a strong and memorable brand presence.

THREE. A branded website that converts leads to sales

Retail and sales have changed dramatically over the last decade – taking all of our businesses and shop fronts online. Learning how to be found on the internet is a challenge in and of itself (hello SEO!), and, on top of that, you need to also make sure that your website is truly helping you SELL. If customers find you, but then have a frustrating or confusing experience on your website, you may be losing business from precisely those ideal clients you’ve been trying to target all along. A user-friendly, clearly organised and compelling website is a necessity for establishing a strong online presence! Use easy calls to action like ‘buy now’, ‘download now’, or ‘enquire with us’ to enhance
the customer experience. It’s also key to help your website bring in fresh traffic by regularly adding content like blog posts, landing pages, and FAQ sections that answer questions that your customers might be looking for. Even when you or your team are not personally working in your business, your website should be working for you, ensuring a seamless and positive customer experience.

Kelly Chandler_ipad
Logo design for Kelly Chandler, by Creative ID

FOUR. Social media content that is authentic, aspirational and wholesome

FIVE. Consistent brand fonts and colours + accessible, on-the-go tools


SIX. A brand that is consistent and strong enough for multifaceted marketing

SEVEN. A realistic and sustainable pricing structure

EIGHT. Rather than waiting for opportunities, create them

Vinyl design for RS Xperience, by Creative ID

NINE. A brand experience people can't help but talk about

TEN. A community based on support and mutual cheerleading