Kelly Chandler

Typography-based logo rebranding for Business Coach Kelly Chandler: reflecting aspiration and drive.


Kelly Chandler, a business coach and wedding venue consultant, sought a strong typography-based logo to communicate her brand values. The new branding needed to be truly bespoke, encompassing all aspects of Kelly’s work and reflecting her passion for leveraging knowledge, experience, and skills to help clients achieve their unique business and personal goals.


We curated two elegant serif fonts to craft a sophisticated logo that embodies dependability, aspiration, and sophistication. The logo features a colour palette of gold and forest green, evoking confidence and longevity.

We supported Kelly and her team in rebranding her logo and developing email banners, social media templates, PowerPoint presentations, branded client documents, and more. Ensuring alignment of visuals and brand copy was crucial to presenting Kelly’s business consistently, intentionally, and authentically across every touchpoint of the client journey.

This project exemplifies the power of rewriting a brand story to showcase a business in a cohesive, authentic manner.

“I am really delighted with the new brand and really settling into it now, continuing to get some lovely feedback online and offline and really just very happy that I have this now to represent me and everything that I’m doing going forward so it’s been a real pleasure working with you and your lovely team. You really made the whole process, something that isn’t necessarily natural to me, really fun, really positive and very professional. It’s been fab to work with you.”

Kelly Chandler