How the right marketing creates human connection between brand and customer

Regardless of which field or industry you’re in, a strong brand-customer relationship is absolutely key to standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons. This connection between your brand and your audience is the driving force for customer loyalty and engagement, which in turn are drivers for long-term financial success.

Here at Creative ID we choose phrases of the year, and for 2024 we’re exploring the theme of human connection. In this blog post we’ll be discussing how the right marketing plays a role in connecting your brand to those people you created the brand for, and we hope these tips below will be helpful food for thought!

What is a Brand-Customer Relationship, and why is it important?

Your brand-customer relationship is essentially the connection between your business and its audience, and is built through trust, engagement, and loyalty with those consumers.

It is widely accepted that the experience a customer has is one of the most pivotal determining factors in consumer loyalty. When you pay attention to crafting a positive relationship with your audience, you’re effectively putting yourself in the best possible position to receive personal word- of-mouth recommendations, repeat purchases, and real social engagement and sharing.

This all works wonders at ensuring that customers remember you, choose you over your competitors, and think of you as one of those irreplaceable brands that is key to their life.

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What Affects a Brand-Customer Relationship?

Building connections and earning trust starts with providing high quality services or products. In other words, consumers are loyal to businesses that are adding value to them.

But that’s not sufficient: the way your brand is perceived will also have an impact on how you connect with your customers.

Another piece of the puzzle is the experience that your consumers have when interacting with you; once they have decided to support you, buy from you, or hire you, is the experience seamless and positive enough to reaffirm their investment in you?

As you can see, this relationship is quite complex, and made up of both practical, tangible elements as well as more abstract, intangible aspects.

How does Marketing impact your Brand-Customer Relationship?

This relationship you’re building is made up of hundreds of small decisions you make in your business, every single day: from the products you make, the advertising you invest in, the communications you share, and so much more.

A strong marketing strategy means being clear about showing your unique brand personality, which helps to raise your brand awareness by getting you in front of more (and more suitable) customers around the world.

Your marketing also determines what feelings and words are associated with your brand, ensuring that while your brand awareness grows, the reputation remains positive. Unlike the saying suggests – not all publicity is good publicity! Genuine emotional connections arise when marketing is on brand, true to your values, and consistent enough to keep reinforcing your message. For instance: consider the way Innocent Drinks uses playful and quirky messaging in their marketing campaigns to create an emotional bond with their audience, making them feel like they’re part of a fun-loving community rather than just customers.

Marketing strategies also allow you to test your messaging, services, and offering, which in turn means you are learning more about the audience you are targeting. This means you’re better able to tailor future marketing efforts to the consumers you want to reach. Personalisation is a huge driver of customer loyalty, so it’s key to use marketing as a way of listening to, adapting to, and serving, your customer’s needs. For example: Using data analytics, Netflix tailors recommendations based on individual viewing habits, enhancing the user experience and fostering a deeper connection with their subscribers.

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How to improve customer relations through Marketing

Here are our top five tips for strengthening your connection with your audience through your

  • Ensure you have a clear brand identity, and that this is coming through consistently in your marketing
  • Use your marketing to reinforce the emotions and values you want customers to associate with your business
  • Create emotional connections by sharing real stories through your marketing, such as
    behind-the-scenes snippets, your origin story, values, mission, and testimonials
  • Make sure your marketing is being shared on platforms that are right for you, and that allow for the kind of customer connections you want to create
  • When you see consumers engaging with your marketing, make sure you engage back in a personal way!

Like any human relationship you build in life, relationships you build in business will be complex, layered, and delicate – and should be afforded lots of attention and care. All your branding and marketing decisions affect the strength of these relationships, and we’d love to support you in making sure you’re doing justice to the fantastic business you’ve created!

Ready to strengthen your brand-customer relationships through effective marketing? If you want to find out more, please get in touch for personalised advice tailored to your business needs.

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