Many of us creatives and business owners around the world are looking at the crisp air and vibrant colours of Autumn to bring us a renewed wave of creativity – and if that’s happening for you, that’s wonderful! But the truth is that inspiration comes and goes in waves that are notoriously difficult to predict, and sometimes not even a daffodil on a gloriously sunny day can lift our spirits.

Being the owner of a brand or business is a complex rollercoaster filled with highs and lows, and so today we want to talk about ways of keeping yourself motivated, creative, and inspired.

Here are our five top tips!

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One: Look after the creative (YOU!)

Inspiration will sometimes need to be nurtured, cultivated, and given room to breathe. It requires a rested mind and body–but sadly this kind of self-care is something we are so prone to de-prioritising when our schedules are busy. Make sure you are taking time, even just a few minutes per day, to look after yourself, notice the magic in your everyday, and give your mind, body, and heart a rest from constant emails, phone notifications, and life’s “noise”. Be mindful of how you spend your time and what you give your attention to: are there elements of your day to day that might be draining your creative energy? Are there distractions you could minimise? Could your sleep routine be more intentional and restful so that you start each day with a fresher mind? Remember to include breaks, self-care, and recovery time into your to-do list too.

Two: Experience something new

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places–and it’s not always possible to predict either! This may seem counter productive, but one of the ways to refuel your creativity is to put down your business tools (whether physical or digital), and try something new. This could be as simple as placing yourself in a new room, or as extreme as taking a holiday to a far-flung destination; it could be an art exhibit, learning a new language, or watching a YouTube tutorial for a new DIY project. Sometimes we can get stuck in our routine, and we lack those “seeds” that feed your inspiration and grow into new ideas.

Three: Leverage your deadlines

Four: Connect with like-minded creatives

Five: Practice joy and gratitude

Until next time,