“I believe all of us are insanely creative… (AI) will empower us to turn creativity into action.” 

- Sebastian Thrun, CEO Kittyhawk, entrepreneur and computer scientist

At Creative ID, we’re fascinated by the hot topic of AI and how it will impact our industry over the coming years. For those of us who run small or medium size businesses, it may seem like just another trend, but AI can actually be used to streamline your business. Using it as a support for your marketing efforts can free you or your team up for more creative activities. 

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How can AI help support marketing for small businesses

Marketing has always adapted to new trends quickly (see the explosion of digital marketing over the past 15 years), but does AI have the capability to help small businesses? 

Marketing your business means combining creativity and analysis that inspires your target audience. Using tools that speed up our processes makes sense, but fear of the unknown often leads people to disregard new solutions. Or they may think that they don’t have time to learn how to implement new processes. These objections initially seem valid, until you discover how AI tools can be implemented very easily. 

With that in mind, we consider what AI can do to assist you marketing your small business right now? 

“Streamline your marketing, save time, achieve better results, (with AI-powered marketing automation tools)”

- Neil Patel, New York Times Bestselling Author, Forbes Top 10 Marketers


1. Content creation
One of the most talked-about capabilities of AI is the variety of new tools on offer to assist with content creation for your business. From using Chat GPT to generate headline ideas on a particular themefor long-form articles to creating writing product descriptions for your products, including digital ad headlines with the help of tools such as WriteMe.Ai, you can save hours on the content needed to market your business

2. Social Media management
Do you want to know the best times to post? Which hashtags gain the most engagement? What kind of content your customers like to see? AI can do all this for you. It can also schedule and analyse your posts, so you can truly make the most of social media for your business.

3. Better/faster customer service.
In 24-hour world customers expect to be attended to quickly. Previously, this was a challenge for small businesses as it meant hiring at least one other team member. Now AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can answer human queries anytime, as they can examine similar historical questions and answers. This gives you and your team more time to work on more creative activities.

4. Predicting behaviours
AI can provide accurate predictions about customer behaviour, such as when a customer might be most likely to buy, based on previous actions.In fact, if you sell any products or services through your website, it’s likely there’s already an AI system in place that tracks customer actions and can provide analysis.


Integrate AI tools with your other strategies

AI has great potential as an effective aid for marketing for small businesses, but it’s important to approach it with an integrated strategy. Understand that it’s not a stand-alone solution but it can minimise time spent on labour-intensive tasks such as email testing. 

The human touch will always be required in marketing, however with the progression of AI technology, using creativity in your marketing will take precedence over less time-consuming tasks that can be automated.  

As we work in the business of creativity, this is music to our ears. We are dedicated to maximising the impact and efficiency of the marketing and branding that we deliver to every client through our creative approach. 

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