The Power of a Well-Designed Sales Follow up: Your Lookbook

Here’s the question we want you to think about: assuming a prospective client is reaching out to you AND to a number of your competitors, are you truly giving yourself the best chance to stand out from the crowd before, during, and after their enquiry with you?

We’ve outlined a few tips below on how to put your best foot forward every step of the way, and why being armed with well-designed sales follow-ups is so important.

Standing Out From the Competition

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll no doubt be facing fierce competition for the attention and investment of your prospective clients.

In an ideal world, your clients would choose you without even needing to speak to any of your competitors, right? And sometimes the stars align for a client-supplier match so perfect that this can happen! But in most cases, clients like to shop around, see what’s available, and connect with a few different businesses before narrowing down their options. There’s nothing you can really do about that, realistically – but what you CAN do is make sure that you’re standing out for all the right reasons, through every brand touchpoint that the client is experiencing.

The single most powerful and impactful factor in winning business is the journey that your clients experience, and today we want to highlight one particular step of that journey: your sales follow-up.

The Power of a Lookbook

One of the ways you can put your business in the best light is to have a beautifully designed, versatile, and impactful lookbook or brochure that you can send your clients following their enquiry with you.

Lookbooks are a captivating, concise way to showcase your work, bring your business to life, and make people excited to work with you – all in one easily digestible PDF, for example. You are selling your products and services, of course, but you are also selling the experience of working with you, the values at the core of your brand and your life, and the aspirational outcome that results from interacting with you. The quality of that human connection is the single most important element that will lead to clients choosing YOU over others.

We work closely with our clients to create lookbooks they are proud to use and share – with plenty of beautiful images of their work, professional headshots, testimonials, captivating brand value and proposition descriptions, case studies, calls to action, and lots of compelling reasons why the experience will be unrivalled.

Lookbook for Ananya Cards

Why Having a Great Website isn’t Enough

You might be thinking: why do I even need a lookbook or other sales materials of that kind, when I have a perfectly good website that I can send to any clients enquiring with me? The truth is that, while having a professional, aesthetically welcoming, SEO-optimised, user-friendly website is necessary, it’s just not enough these days. When it comes to sales, you have to be ready for the fact that some clients enquiring with you haven’t had the time, chance, or inclination to read through every section of your website, and they need a much more easily digestible summary of what you do and (more importantly) how you can serve them.

When you follow up on an enquiry, it’s key to be able to send your clients material that is relevant to them, quick to read, and that immediately conveys why you’re the best fit for them. That’s one thing a lookbook can be that your website isn’t: (almost) completely bespoke to each person seeing it.

Lots of our clients for example choose to have lookbook templates that they can personalise to each enquiry; if you offer a few different service types, in different regions, or if you target a few different audience types, having a lookbook template that is specific to each of those means you can quickly tailor your follow up to the client you are speaking to at that time. This flexibility and versatility are immensely powerful when it comes to proving to your prospective client that you listened to their needs, that you offer services perfect for them, and that they are being treated in a bespoke way, rather than just another sales enquiry coming through your website.

We hope this advice has been helpful in providing you some food for thought on how you can improve and elevate the experience for your clients, and specifically how a lookbook or brochure can be another fantastic tool in your sales arsenal.

If you’d like to work with us, or find out more about having a bespoke lookbook designed and created for you, we would love to hear from you!

Until next time,