Zohreh V. Jewellery

Luxurious and elegant promotional cards for British jewellery brand Zohreh V.


We were asked to create ‘thank you for your order’ cards with care details on the reverse, gift vouchers and, promotional cards for British jewellery brand Zohreh V. Our brief was to design something luxurious and elegant to complement the beautiful jewellery.


The brand name is Persian, with the logo having a Persian influence through the mosaic pattern. Taking inspiration from the logo, we incorporated delicate golden stars of varying sizes into our celestial design.⁣ We used a heavyweight chic cardstock and gold foiled on both sides – navy for the care cards and blush pink for the gift vouchers.

Iphone with jewellery designs

Vaishali was an absolute pleasure to work with, from the start she was so friendly, flexible and excited about the stationery I wanted to create for my new business. We had a lovely conversation, getting to know each other’s vision for the item which really helped in achieving the most beautiful design. I get so many compliments from my beautiful care cards, the quality is amazing and the addition of it with every jewellery order elevates the value of the item. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to work with you on future projects.

Zohreh V. Jewellery