Empowering branding for entrepreneur Zamiha Desai to stand out as an influencer in the modern Asian woman’s lifestyle arena.


Successful entrepreneur Zamiha Desai came to us looking to create a personal brand that separated herself from her businesses. The client is a strong, ‘fierce’ woman who wants to help others feel empowered and wanted a logo that resembled how fun, friendly, and bold she is. She wants to stand out amongst others and make her mark as an influencer in the modern Asian woman’s lifestyle arena.


For a client with a mission to break taboos and champion small businesses, we wanted to create an equally bold logo that reflected Zamiha as a brand. Those named Zamiha are defined as diligent, dependable, and real action takers, so we chose to highlight these assets and just use the client’s first name in the design. Set inside a golden circle, the font is elegant and modern to appeal to the female market and create a friendly and approachable brand that women can trust. The signature style of the typeface gives a warmth and human element to the design. The circle is edgy and represents the idea of breaking boundaries that woman often feel trapped behind.

We chose a simple colour scheme of purple and gold as a subtle nod to both a confident and feminine woman behind the brand. Purple is likened with ambition and power and so we chose a unique shade that was more feminine and approachable than black. The gold adds a touch of celebration, warmth, courage and wisdom that the client brings to other women seeking to feel comfortable in their own skin.