Women of Colour

Designing a brand identity for the first Women of Colour Conference.


We had the wonderful opportunity to design the logo for the Women of Colour conference. A professional event focusing on gender and ethnic diversity in the workplace and society in general, we wanted to create a logo that resembled the credible and innovative women, as well as having a sophisticated and feminine touch. For such a key event with great significance, we wanted to create a logo that encapsulated everything that the conference represented.


With such a strong and credible set of women represented by the conference, we wanted to design a logo that was equally as bold and innovative. We chose a butterfly monogram as a key element within the design as it has many cultural associations. Around the world, many view the butterfly as a symbol of endurance, change, hope and a representation of our soul, resonating with everything the conference represents. The font is simple yet modern and sophisticated, matching the women who take part in the event. The bright pink colour was chosen as the conference is a female focused event and by using a bold shade it allows the logo to stand out and be seen.