Wilde Thyme

Minimal and elegant design with an infusion of nature for Jersey florist Wilde Thyme.


Wilde Thyme is much more than just a florist. A passion for flowers and nature is interpreted and styled in innovative and eye-catching ways for life’s important and meaningful occasions. We were asked to refine the logo and design chic business cards and tags to accompany the floral arrangements being sent to clients. We were also asked to design packaging for their collection of scented candles. Bold and true was the client’s mantra.


Nature does not follow hard and fast rules or straight lines. It is not stiff or forced but free flowing, natural, and pulsing with its own rhythm. Accordingly, the Wilde Thyme logo wanders off slightly at the edges of the pages. Customising the existing typeface to suit the brief, we utilised and extended the swirls, swishes and curves in the letterforms. Keeping it simple and elegant, we created a gilt edging for emphasis on the grey and white business cards and tags. Golden tissue ribbons added that special touch of elegance and detail.

We also designed the packaging for the various scented candles and applied the branding to the delivery van.