Ruby's Events Catering

A thoughtful rebrand for Ruby’s Events Catering, a Sri Lankan family-run events catering business.


Ruby’s Events Catering had existing branding that they felt was outdated. The creative ‘challenge’ was the client was unsure whether they wanted the new logo to be based on their current logo or whether they wanted something completely new. Their main concern is that they were worried that their existing repeat clients would not recognise a new visual identity and look. At the same time, they did not want to be restricted by their current logo, which was created almost 20 years ago.⁠ We often find this when we are doing a brand overhaul or rebrand.


We used similar colours and a more contemporary version of the corn paddy which they wanted to retain. We used a single colour to elevate the brand compared to the previous multicolour logo. We ensured that the logo maintained the core values of the business of quality, reliability and approachability. Traditional heritage cuisine with a modern twist.⁠⠀