Tradition-inspired logo with vibrant colours and elegant fonts for Riwaz’s rich culinary heritage.


Riwaz champions the traditions and history of India. The logo should reflect ‘Riwaz,’ meaning ‘tradition,’ embodying the rich cultural practices and rustic charm of India’s diverse states, while nodding to British Indian traditions.

The cuisine at Riwaz blends creatively appetising flavours and spices inspired by Indian sub-cultures like Bohri, Ismaili, Moplah, and Chettiar. The design should evoke heritage, quality, and passion, reflecting the deep connection to India’s history and cultural stories. It should convey the essence of traditional Indian flavours with a modern twist, and be elegant yet approachable, fitting the comfortable yet airy ambiance of a Grade II listed site.


The logo design for Riwaz featured patterns blossoming radially outward, inspired by the form of rangoli created for festive occasions and customs. This approach evoked a sense of celebration and cultural richness, aligning with the restaurant’s dedication to Indian traditions.

The chosen colour palette of dark blue and saffron orange worked well to convey the brand’s essence. Dark blue signified depth, elegance, and trust, reflecting the high-quality and sophisticated dining experience at Riwaz. Saffron orange represented warmth, energy, and the rich cultural heritage of India. These colours together created a vibrant and inviting visual identity.

The font used was elegant, combining modernity with tradition, further enhancing the logo’s blend of traditional elements with a contemporary twist, ensuring an elegant yet approachable aesthetic.