Phil Drinkwater

Logo creation for Phil Drinkwater, a strategic online marketing specialist, to convey both technical expertise and creativity.

Logo design for digital marketing business on ipad and iphone


We were asked to create the new logo for Phil Drinkwater, a strategic online marketing specialist. The vision of the business is to deliver real business growth for SME’s. Businesses with a long term approach to growth rather than a “fix it now” attitude.

The logo needed to convey various brand values – serious and technical, imagination and creativity, person to real person, rather than “corporate” and confidence without arrogance. Preference was for clean lines, crisp appearance, bold and strong and modern.


To create a bold and modern design, we combined the form of the initials ‘PD’ to create a monogram that represented the idea of amplification and growth. Playing on the company’s brand values, we included bright colours in a gradient style to reflect the creative and personal experience the business offers. The type is modern with subtle elements that embody the language of technology. The overall aesthetic is clean, with a strong presence that allows them to stand out from competitors.

We were delighted that the Phil Drinkwater logo was included in The Best Logo Designs by DesignRush.