Nicola Russill-Roy

Modern logo design for international business PR company Nicola Russill-Roy Ltd.


Nicola Russill-Roy Ltd is the first specialist international PR agency exclusively for coaches and consultants. We were asked to create a modern, stylish, professional-looking logo which would appeal to an international audience.


By using black and white, we were able to achieve this as well as giving a certain timelessness and authority to the brand which the Founder Nicola is all about. We explored numerous different fonts, as the typography had to be the star of the logo and branding. In particular, we explored handwritten or hand-drawn typography as well as high contrast serif fonts for their elegance and style.

The chosen logo focused on creating a chic and contemporary monogram for the brand, which could be used as a mark on its own or as a pattern used selectively in brand communications. We merged some of the letterforms to create a unique expression of Nicola’s initials.

Nicola Russill - Roy Ltd PR
Nicola Russill - Roy Ltd PR

“Thank you so much, Vaishali Shah – when I knew I wanted to set up this 2nd agency to add to my business portfolio your company was the first choice. I was so impressed with each and every stage of the branding and design process. I’m over the moon with the final result. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend you and your services.”

Nicola Russill - Roy

Nicola Russill - Roy Ltd