Natalia Willmott

Logo design for stylist and antiques specialist Natalia Willmott to represent her ethos of quality, uniqueness and individuality.


We were asked by stylist and antiques lover Natalia Willmott to create a logo for her business, which represents her ethos of quality, uniqueness and individuality. The logo is to encapsulate her brand values of authenticity, craftsmanship, uniqueness and creativity. The creative challenge was to create a logo which shows the different elements of the brand, and the variety of products on offer, in a fun and playful way. With a business bearing the name of the founder, it was key that these values are represented mindfully.


We created abstract representations of Natalia’s various product categories, from homeware and furniture to jewellery and gifts, and incorporated them into a modern and innovative logo. The logo is classic and clean, and still eclectic and unique. We used a stylish font inspired by vintage fashion posters with a touch of modernity. The logo is very versatile and can be used in several different ways. With a business that only sells online and in a competitive industry, it was key to create a standout logo design.