Recent collaboration with Michelin-star chef Atul Kochhar for a modern Indian street food restaurant.


We were delighted to be asked to design a logo for the twice Michelin starred Chef Atul Kochhar’s new restaurant – Masalchi, meaning ‘the spice master or spice blender’. Presented through innovative hearty and homely street food in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s Chef Atul’s way of celebrating India’s abundance of spices – a colourful carnival of flavours brought to life in fragrant curries, juicy grills and many other delectable dishes. The brief was to create a logo to reflect the innovative and authentic ‘all day dining’ menu and adventurous Indian-inspired cocktails.


Indian spices over the centuries have been loved for their wide ranging tastes and flavours as well as their vibrant colours and heat. The logo reflects the meaning and these qualities with the use of a red dot on the ‘i’ to represent the fiery chilli powder, contrasting with great effect on a turmeric yellow background. The colours of the logo are warm and striking, using a typeface both elegant and modern to contrast with this and position the brand as modern and forward-thinking. The use of all capitals also helped to create a strong standout brand, which would catch the eye of passers by in Wembley Park, a busy quarter for culture, food and shopping.

We also created a bespoke illustration, used on the website and menus, showing a street food scene with a backdrop of the iconic Wembley stadium, the location of this fun dining restaurant. We also created the visuals for the ‘coming soon’ signage to entice customers and build excitement for the restaurant, positioned in the globally renowned entertainment neighbourhood of Wembley Park. We had to take into account materials, technical specifications and sizing of the graphics, all key to ensure a good looking signage. The logo is used on the uniform and throughout the restaurant interiors.

“When I approached the Creative ID team to design a logo for my newly launched restaurant Vaasu by Atul Kochhar, I was confident they would do a great job as they have already designed various projects for me over the past 20 years. Vaasu has an important and personal significance for me as it has my name on it. The team went the extra mile to fully understand what the logo should convey about the restaurant and also took into account the look and feel of the interiors so they could design a logo that was in harmony with the overall concept.”