London Law Practice

Logo and rebrand to communicate professionalism and trust for The London Law Practice.


We have recently completed the rebrand for The London Law Practice.

Being a law practice which offers first class, straightforward and personalised services we appreciated the need to communicate the sense of professional expertise together with connotations of being open, honest and personable. Other requirements provided by The London Law Practice included avoidance of any colours from the previous branding, particularly the blue. There was also a need for the logo to work in monochrome.


The ‘LL’ shaped quotation marks of this logo not only indicate the initials of ‘London Law’ but also conveys the feeling of speech and open dialogue contained within quotation marks. This indicates the honest conversation which The London Law Practice engage in with their clients. Combined with a large size and bold colour relative to the logo text, it shows a confidence in the first rate quality of service they provide.

A minimal and professional typeface and logo outline were chosen as this business has a focus on being ‘no-nonsense’ and straightforward. In addition, this simplicity allows the logo to be more legible, clear and memorable. The colours and style of the logo were extended to the letterhead and business card, with careful attention to brand consistency.