La Cachette d'Alannah's

Wholesome café logo reflecting La Cachette d’Alannah’s serene ambience and sustainable ethos.


La Cachette, a charming café located in the Park Inn Hotel in Dubai, approached us with a mission: to create a logo that captures their commitment to honest, sustainable, and wholesome food. They needed a brand identity that exudes delicacy, calming qualities, and elegance, designed to stand out for hotel guests, local residents, and mums’ groups. Our challenge was to design a logo that highlights their unique ambience and vibrant aesthetics, positioning La Cachette as a hidden oasis in the local community.


We crafted a logo that beautifully encapsulates La Cachette’s brand ethos, creating a visual identity that is inviting and memorable.

At its core, the logo is an abstract expression of two feathers connected by a central stem, symbolising balance and a holistic approach. This design reflects La Cachette’s dedication to fresh, wholesome, and natural ingredients, with the feathers’ delicate nature mirroring the café’s refined personality and holding a deeply personal significance to the owner.

The incorporation of a treehouse shape evokes cosiness and serenity, portraying La Cachette as a tranquil retreat where customers can escape and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

We selected a fresh, natural, and calming colour palette to echo La Cachette’s sustainability and wholesome food ethos. Shades like “Fresh Breath,” “Bright Eyed,” and “Tranquil Earth” enhance the café’s inviting ambiance, celebrating the simplicity and quality of its ingredients.

A thoughtful selection of fonts enhances our visual identity, chosen for sophistication, calmness, clarity, and readability. The geometric letterforms contribute to a light and airy feel, further enhancing the brand’s refined look.

This logo for La Cachette d’Alannah’s does more than just stand out; it tells a story. It invites customers into a hidden oasis of nourishment and tranquillity, transforming La Cachette into not just a café, but a destination. By capturing their mission and values, the logo strengthens their market position and deepens their connection with the community.