Kanj Technologies

Abstract-inspired logo design for innovative and cutting-edge brand Kanj Technologies.


The client’s brief called for clean lines and simple but effective shapes, akin to a Zaha Hadid building or an Anish Kapoor sculpture. They did not insist on a logo with an association to the IT industry but were happy to consider an abstract form which had inherent beauty.

Our interpretation of this brief was to develop a logo which was distinctive and minimal, but innovative and cutting edge.

The design criteria included avoiding any arbitrary forms, and taking direct cues from the lettering itself, with meanings that could be attributed to the forms. Therefore the starting point was the letterform “K” for Kanj, which anchors the design development.


We created many derivatives of the letterform, by warping the letterform and exploring forms which held a volume or objects that were contoured in three-dimensional space. The final choice was a mark which is a spatial form, which is once again a hint and a wink to the letterform “K”.

The typography is modern and simple in order to complement and balance the three dimensional mark which hovers around the logotype in a futuristic manner.

The colour palette was retained from the older brand colours as per the client’s brief.

Our existing and new clients – all have admired the design and the logo has invited questions which is always a great opening conversation in business. We demanded professionalism, expertise, honesty and punctuality. We anticipate a long-standing business relationship with Creative ID.

Kanj Technologies