GG2 Diversity Conference

Rebrand for the GG2 Diversity Conference to represent culture, leadership and ethnicity.


We were delighted to have been asked to rebrand the GG2 Diversity Conference and Leadership Awards established by the Asian Media Group (AMG), a prestigious global media conglomerate and one of the largest Asian publishing houses in the UK. When asked to redesign the logo for the GG2 Diversity Leadership Awards, we were briefed to create a logo that “represents fun, culture, diversity, leadership and ethnicity.”


Without changing the “GG2” portion of the logo, we had to infuse the brand with an international, contemporary feel that was ‘inclusive’ in terms of race, faith and colour. We decided to take a multi-coloured approach with a symbol that was joined up to show unity despite differences. Our goal was to create a strong logo which represents a multicultural Britain.