GC Couture

Luxurious and fashion-forward branding for cake designer GC Couture.


We wanted the logo/brand to exude an image of a cutting edge fashion label, rather than one of a cake supplier. The idea was to keep the design subtle, delicate and refined, yet one that instantly conveys the image of a tiered cake.


The logo is a stylised version of an elegant tiered wedding cake, to immediately identify the company name and brand with cakes of luxury, prestige, and of superlative quality, as expressed in the brand name GC Couture. To have the brand make a statement of class and luxury, we added a pattern in delicately ornate curves at the bottom to represent the stand and a smaller pattern at the top.

The font chosen in its fine version adds style and refinement while the print material which uses embossing and foil blocking on thick card drives home the essence of luxury that defines the brand. A repeated pattern partially derived from the logo form itself was used in the print and marketing collateral to create a richness in brand communication.

GC Couture hired Creative ID a couple of years ago when we were creating our luxury cake brand – GC Couture. Creative ID was hired to come up with a brand logo and supporting marketing materials such as brochures and flyers we we could use to hand out to prospective clients. Creative ID fully understood our brief and suggested ideas to us which allowed us to explore various ideas before deciding on the look we were all happy with at GC Couture. We were very happy with the service received by Creative ID and would highly recommend this company