Logo design to reflect the analytical nature of the DAXMasters trading service.


To create a logo for DAXMasters, a company that offers a bespoke advisory service and training in how to effectively and precisely trade the DAX30 (a German Stock Index). Trustworthy, integrity, precision and teamwork are the keywords that describe their business.


The logo had to reflect the accuracy and analytical nature of the trading service as well as the professionalism and expertise of the trainers. We chose fonts that were precise and highly readable in all sizes and within all contexts. We decided that in this context, less was more, and created a high-quality logo with an innate simplicity.

Using a bold arrow to symbolise and emphasise the idea of growth and increase, we aimed at evoking the graphic of the charts of the financial indices without being too literal and were guided by the client as to what they felt represented them most accurately. The typography is closely spaced for maximum impact and efficiency.