Blue Feather Designs

Playful yet sophisticated rebrand for Blue Feather Designs, providing education about sustainable business practices.


Blue Feather Designs owner Natasha is passionate about helping others be more educated around helping the environment through sustainable practices and using eco-friendly materials in their interiors. Her main struggle was finding a balance of professionalism with her fun-loving attitude and approach. So we wanted to create a logo design that would also show off her personality.


To represent a playful but professional nature, we created a typographic and geometric monogram that ties in perfectly to the company name. We used various shades of blue to symbolise reliability, inspiration and the knowledge that Natasha has in the world of interiors and her passion for more eco-friendly designs. The clean lines hold a sense of professionalism that is followed through to the type and creates a nice balance reflecting Natasha’s fun approach to her work.

Vaishali has been such a pleasure to work with. She has been incredibly quick and responding to questions, emails and calls in a really professional manner. Vaishali exceeded my expectations for my rebranding, giving me ideas and options that I had not considered before. She took the time to really understand my business and my personality and was very honest about what would be a good fit for me, often being critical of her own work to ensure she provided me with the best result. I loved that she took on board my suggestions but gave it her own creative twist based on her many years of experience in the industry.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Vaishali and the Creative ID team for their professionalism, attention to detail and supportive attitude. Thank you again Vaishali!

Natasha G

Blue Feather Designs