1 Tribe

Sun-inspired logo reflecting unity and diversity for inclusive wellness community 1 Tribe.


1 Tribe represents an inclusive community dedicated to promoting wellbeing and fitness. Their mission is to cultivate a vibrant and supportive environment that fosters holistic wellbeing for individuals and families across the UAE. 1 Tribe provides innovative spaces that seamlessly integrate entertainment, skill development, and wellness, nurturing a strong sense of community and enriching lives for all ages.

The logo should embody the essence of a tribe – community, togetherness, and authenticity – in a bold, fun, inventive, and sporty design with a strong character. It should visually communicate the core values of 1 Tribe: inclusiveness, respect, integrity, determination, ambition, and caring.


1 Tribe’s sun-kissed logo reflects unity, with rays embracing diverse community connections at its core. Each ray represents a unique individual, shining brightly to weave a luminous tapestry within the 1 Tribe community. The sun-inspired design, with “IT” at its centre, symbolises the radiant unity and boundless energy where individuals thrive in an interconnected hub. The rays mirror the diversity of age groups and family members.
The font selected complements the sun-inspired logo, featuring geometric forms that create a light and airy feel, adding order and legibility. The forest green colour reflects 1 Tribe’s deep connection and vitality, rooted in nature’s tranquillity, while the sunlit ivory radiates warmth and energy, fostering a sense of brightness and optimism.