Do you send clients branded gifts? It can be a powerful way to stay front-of-mind with your clients, whether you use a branded gift to say thank you, celebrate a birthday or mark another milestone – and is often a very cost effective way to build client relationships. 

Branded gifting does not have to mean a mug or a pen with your logo slapped onto it – like any gift, the impact is created with the thought that goes into it. And it is not about the size – a small, perfectly conceived gift delivered at the right time will absolutely delight your clients. 


The key is to make the gift you send on-brand. Think creatively about what will reflect your brand, your values and will send the right message to the recipient. A jeweller gifting a branded silver cleaning cloth to customers who spend over a certain amount instore is not only giving customers something really useful, it is sending the message to look after the jewellery to help it look good for longer. A business coach sending their clients a branded notebook printed with tips and tools when they onboard them is provoking delight and good planning habits! A chef or artisan food maker could give a branded apron as a gift.

The Onle network is a great example. The online networking business surprises their members by sending a branded gift of a mailable box, filled with goodies – some branded with ONLE, others from other small businesses – as part of their new member onboarding and retention strategy.  

James West, co-founder of ONLE explains: “The boxes aren’t particularly expensive, and I’d say we get back the costs when a new member posts and tags ONLE on social media, as it introduces our brand to their connections, who are typically our target audience. And that’s without figuring in the sense of belonging that members report as a result of receiving the boxes. It’s one of the most cost effective pieces of marketing activity we do.” 


There is data to back this up. The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) reports that when a customer is given relevant merchandise, 80% would recommend that brand to others. And the right branded gift can really pay dividends – their research shows £1 spent on branded merchandise can benefit an SME eight times more than a larger corporate business.

So perhaps the last word should go to the Chair of the BPMA, Carey Trevill: “Opting for branded goods that reflect your customer needs and are relevant and useful, with recycled and sustainable options to help reflect your values too, will deliver a powerful punch and a genuine emotional connection to your business.” 


If you are interested in using corporate gifting to enhance your client relationships, spread a little goodwill as the festive season approaches and use creative gift ideas to build customer loyalty, please speak to Vaishali at Creative ID. 

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