Case Study: Minerva Trust

Providing exceptional in-house marketing services for fiduciary business Minerva.

Do you run a successful small business but can’t afford to recruit an experienced in-house marketeer? We see this time and again, which is why at Creative ID we’re proud of our track record in blending seamlessly into our clients’ teams.

Our Creative Director Vaishali Shah explains how she supported Minerva’s design and marketing for 10 years, including running the marketing department for two years, delivering tangible results.


Minerva, a family-owned business founded 40 years ago in Jersey, hired us to oversee the company’s marketing in 2016.

As a leading independent provider of trust, corporate and fund administration services with clients in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the GCC, the UK and Europe, Minerva needed a marketing strategy that resonated with many different cultures.

There was also a need for strong internal communications to ensure all its 180 staff, working from seven international offices, were engaged with Minerva’s vision and purpose.


Creative ID was responsible for Minerva’s branding, design, social media, PR and cultural training. Vaishali acted as the company’s Group Head of Marketing, working three days a week.

We delivered wide-ranging creative design services, including a total rebrand of the business, adverts, brochures, quarterly newsletters, advertising and merchandising. In addition, we designed a new website, which resulted in an increase of over 25% in web traffic.

There was no social media presence when we started, so we created a LinkedIn page, which led to a 20% growth in engagement with professional service providers. We also established a Facebook presence for team updates and charity work.

Our cultural consultancy work was another aspect of the service we offered by creating a bespoke training programme for all employees, benefitting over 150 staff. Creative ID delivered the training in person and via video technology for all seven international offices.

Our presentation covered the often misunderstood cultural sensitivities of Minerva’s key business areas, including ‘dos and dont’s’ and different business practices for each country, focusing mainly on Kenya, Dubai, and India. This training was so well received it became part of the onboarding process for new staff.

Creative ID was also instrumental in launching and heading up Minerva’s Female Focus network in 2013, creating an opportunity for highly successful businesswomen to connect, share experiences, collaborate and build strategic business relationships.

It was a successful and pioneering way of marketing, especially in the male-dominated finance industry, which helped boost productivity across the whole business. We then launched the same framework in Nairobi in 2014, becoming the first women-only business network in the region.

We’re proud that Female Focus connected over 150 women at the top of their fields, fuelling a strong sense of community and support across the Minerva business.

We're on your team

Creative ID is a consultancy, but we don’t behave like one. We delivered Minerva’s marketing needs as an integrated part of the management team. Staff knew we were a resource they could tap into, despite not being in the office every day. We managed costs rather than be a drain on costs. We prepared the marketing plan and spend every year, and every year we came in under budget. As you can see, at Creative ID, we’re pretty proud of our entrepreneur mindset.

We helped raise brand awareness of the business locally and internationally. Our design services, marketing strategy, and cultural consultancy enabled Minerva to connect different business aspects holistically. Why hire three different agencies when you can just work with Creative ID?

Most importantly, we promise to make it fun: we were always the last people on the dance floor at the Minerva Christmas party.

Creative ID understood our business from the beginning, they listened to what we wanted and developed a brand identity that ensured we met our goals. Their attention to detail is second to none, the help and support they provide is phenomenal. They are no longer just our creative agency, they have grown to become an integral part of our team!

Louise A

Giving back

Lastly, Creative ID played a crucial role in Minerva’s ‘Legacy Project’ charitable initiative. The Minerva Legacy Project aims to create a positive, long term and sustainable impact on the communities that continue to be close to Minerva Group’s operations. Since starting the Legacy Project, Minerva has supported several local and overseas charities by raising £50,000.

Why hire three different agencies when you can just work with Creative ID?