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Sunflower Group

Sunflower Group

Creative ID designed the entire brochure suite for Sunflower Healthcare Group, which consisted of a folder with brochure inserts. We also designed the logo, business stationery, brochure, signage and adverts for their most recently launched Neem Tree Care Centre, equipped to cater to the elderly and those who suffer from dementia. 

The use of a larger font, brighter colours and strong imagery were used to make the brochureware easy to read and follow. It was important to have an overall impact that made the material both engaging and inviting to read for would-be patients and their families.

We also researched and selected appropriate stock photography for the brochure.

To design the Neem Tree logo and branding, we took inspiration from the famous Neem Tree, sometimes labelled as the ‘wonder’ tree and venerated in Asia for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. We chose a lush green background to signify the bounty and all-encompassing quality of Nature and white leaves and branch of the neem tree to reflect the purity and health enhancing quality of neem. The white leaves and branch stand out against the vibrant green background, making a strong visual statement.