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Female Focus

Female Focus

In recognition of successful, independent and influential women in business around the world, Minerva Trust & Corporate Services launched Female Focus in 2013, an international network for businesswomen. Female Focus provides an exciting networking opportunity that enables like-minded businesswomen to come together, share experiences and build business relationships.

While the brand Female Focus needed to work in harmony with the existing Minerva brand identity with a similar look and feel, it also had to convey its own distinct individuality. We were keen to create a brand that steered clear of all clichés referring to women. 

We therefore decided not to be literal in creating the logo; both in terms of its design, as well as choice of colour. The key was to create a logo that was elegant, powerful and contemporary, without making it overstated.

Using the existing graphic elements ‘V’ and ‘A’ of the Minerva identity, we finally arrived at the logo through extended exploration of the formal representation of the word ‘focus’, which means centre.

As well as designing the logo for Female Focus, we have created event invitations, promotional flyers, gift bags, gift tags and product labels.

“Creative ID understood our business from the beginning, they listened to what we wanted and developed a brand identity that ensured we met our goals.”

Female Focus