Stylish logo creation with an ethnic twist for gourmet food brand Toastiewala.


Our client Toastiewala is a gourmet street food brand. In order to convey fresh, premium and mouth-watering ingredients, we shortlisted the food colours that would best represent the urban flavours with input from our client and decided on greens and golds.


We were keen to create a logo that was contemporary and stylish with an ethnic twist. To represent the Asian flavours and roots of the brand, we also created some logo concepts reminiscent of elements found in Asian art and architecture.

The modern iconography was chosen to underline the tasty toasties which are at the heart of the brand, and which go hand in hand with the traditional elements. The stand-alone symbol has multiple uses in representing the brand on social media and other applications.

The font is playful, stylish, contemporary and bold. The modern typeface contrasts effectively with the other ethnic elements, succeeding in representing a brand that is truly multicultural in nature, and accessible to all.

We designed the logo for this new venture, as well as business cards, social media icons and signage. We have also shown here how the logo could be taken forward on the packaging.

Vaishali of Creative ID is a highly experienced, talented and intuitive person. I chose Vaishali because she has the ability to bring a brand to life. I was able to articulate my specific requirements for the Toastiewala logo, and she came up with a masterpiece and produced a design that I am so proud of and I hope to work with Vaishali and her team again in the near future.