Handy Candy

Digital graphics for Handy Candy Bags to represent diversity and quality.


Creative ID created these digitally rendered dolls for Handy Candy Bags in a multitude of styles and colourations. This was a new venture for Handy Candy Bags which had previously specialised in hand-painted designs for their products.


We paid close attention to every detail of these dolls whilst liasing with the client, to ensure consistency for the brand across both mediums. We are pleased to say that the quality of the final outcome met all expectations and was something which Handy Candy Bags were very enthusiastic about.

In all, 8 dolls were designed with every concievable variation of hair, eye and skin colour to choose from. This vast array of digital personalisations is a streamlined means for Handy Candy Bags to meet their clients’ needs. Furthermore, the capacity for digital artwork to be printed on fabrics, ceramics and plastics opens up the potential for success in a large range of products.

We had a lot of fun with this project which allowed us to hone another facet of expertise!