Events by Suri

Modern, feminine, and sophisticated logo for events business, Events by Suri.


Suri came to us looking for a modern and elegant logo for her events business. She wanted the branding to be approachable and friendly, as well as sophisticated and professional. Suri loves to focus on all the small details to ensure your event is as special as it can be and working with mostly female clients, the branding needed to be delicate and have a feminine touch.


To reflect a friendly and professional business, we designed a logo that used a mixture of serif and script fonts to add a personal touch to the design. Whilst the serif font shows Suri as an expert in her field, the addition of a handwritten font creates a welcoming and open face for the business. We added a flower brand mark in a delicate line-drawn design to reflect the intricate details that the client provides to ensure your event is as special and personal as it can be. The brand mark can be used with the text or on its own allowing the logo to be versatile when used for different channels. We chose a light blue-grey colour to symbolise elegance and a relaxing ambience, showing how when working with Suri, the process is easy and stress-free.