Charlotte Balbier

Branding to convey accountability, integrity and strength.


Creative ID was delighted to be asked to create the new logo, branding guidelines and social media templates and a Christmas postcard for business mentor Charlotte Balbier. We wanted to reflect Charlotte’s integrity, honesty, trust, quality, accountability, confidence and strength.


The logo has a nod to Charlotte’s bridal heritage with her beloved pink but a more grown-up and sophisticated style that means business and prosperity for both herself and her clients. ⁣Exploring the concept of one’s own idea of happiness and success, the ‘star burst’ standalone icon we created represents happiness from within, moving outwards. This icon has a warmth and a human touch whilst at the same time conveys success.

We used a confident juxtaposition of typography, bold with feminine, which yields to a bespoke typographic expression. The logo and branding elements represented a new level of mentoring and coaching for high achieving women who want a mentor with a proven track record of success.

Pink business card designs for Charlotte Balbier business coach
Pink tote bag for Charlotte Balbier
Logo design for Charlotte Balbier website