Charlotte Balbier

Branding for business mentor Charlotte Balbier to convey confidence, integrity and strength.


We wanted the logo and branding elements to represent a new level of mentoring and coaching for high achieving women who want a mentor with a track record of success and who delivers results. Through the branding, we wanted to convey Charlotte’s values of integrity, honesty, trust, quality, accountability, confidence and strength.

As well as the logo design, we created social media templates and a comprehensive brand guidelines document. For the festive season, we created a Christmas postcard.


The logo has a nod to Charlotte’s bridal heritage with her beloved pink but a more grown up and sophisticated style that means business and prosperity for both herself and her clients. ⁣Exploring the concept of one’s own idea of happiness and success, the ‘star burst’ standalone icon we created represents happiness from within, moving outwards. This icon has a warmth and a human touch whilst at the same time conveys success.

We used a confident juxtaposition of typography, bold with feminine, which yields to a bespoke typographic expression.

Pink business card designs for Charlotte Balbier business coach
Pink tote bag for Charlotte Balbier
Logo design for Charlotte Balbier website