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Why Infographics Should Be Part Of Your Business Presentations

Why Infographics Should Be Part Of Your Business Presentations

Do you have to present as part of your work? Turn facts and figures into compelling images that keep the audience’s attention? 

In which case, you really should know about infographics. They’re an extremely effective way of getting a message across in a highly visual way. 

Graphs have their uses but an infographic takes this detail one step further

We’ve created this infographic to show how much coffee graphic designers drink every day, where they are based and the split between male/female. 

We researched the figures and came up with this visual story – it’s just a bit of fun, but shows how you can put serious data into a compelling pictorial format

The trick to creating a quality infographic is to keep it simple but also make it attractive visually

Work out what your message is. 

It also needs to be punchy, entertaining and impactful. 

Another way in which infographics can help your business is in the SEO benefits – that is getting noticed in a positive way by the Google search engines. If you have a good infographic representing your business and pointing out an aspect of research that’s useful then it’s likely to be shared online and on social networks – and that’s great for your Google rankings. Many businesses are now creating infographics to attract their target audience and get more people viewing their website. 

If an infographic is created correctly with the right information, the right look and the right facts it can give you a very satisfactory return on your investment. 

At Creative ID we can take facts and figures and turn them into a useful and share-worthy infographic for you

You can then use it in presentations or on your website and social media. 

Creating an infographic is a time-consuming and expert process – so it’s the obvious item to outsource to specialists like ourselves. 

You just need to give us the data and we’ll do the rest.  We’ll create an infographic for you from £50 - depending on the level of detail and data researched. 

What data would YOU like revitalising into this format? Contact us here to know more.