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Minerva: Mauritius office celebrates 20 years

Minerva: Mauritius office celebrates 20 years

2016 is the 20th Anniversary of Minerva's Mauritius office. To celebrate this milestone and mark one of the longest established trust companies in Mauritius, Minerva appointed Creative ID to design a special 20th Anniversary logo.

To create the Anniversary logo, we took inspiration from the Mauritius dodo, with the dodo taking the shape of the number 20. Dodos were huge birds that existed only on the island of Mauritius. According to records and pictures of the Dodo, it is believed that it was plump with soft grey feathers, slightly white on the tail. Its head was apparently light grey, and it had a crooked beak.

We worked within Minerva's current branding and also included a tagline where the ‘trusted’ is a play on words given that Minerva is a trust company.

We created two logos which will be used ths year - one with the company name in full and tag line and one with just the Dodo which can be used as a standalone marque or logo.

This logo now appears on the email signatures for the Mauritius office, pull up banners, promotional material, event invitations and merchandising items.