We noticed that when working with our clients to create their branding and
marketing, they would often find that they didn’t know how to make the most of their
new logo when posting to social media. We’re here to make sure you let your new
branding shine for all the right reasons.

Our service, Connect, is for business owners looking for some really unique and
captivating graphics to post on social media – on whichever platform you prefer and
wish to target. This service is all about connecting your brand consistently with your
audience on social platforms, and we offer this in two flavours:

Connect One: A one-off package including FIVE template posts, which is costing
at £299 +VAT.

Connect Two: A comprehensive 6-month package including FIVE template
posts per quarter, costing at £550 +VAT.

We can create social media graphics for you using your business statistics, your
testimonials, excerpts from your blogs, examples of new work you are producing or
launching, or calls-to-action for newsletters or workshops you are promoting. These
are just some examples of course: we can work closely with you to create branded,
sophisticated, versatile graphics for you to WOW your audience on social media in a
completely personal and bespoke way to YOU.

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