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S9 Muses

S9 Muses

We are delighted to have created the new logo for S9 Muses, curators in fashion. The brief required us to represent a company whose products are ethical, handcrafted and multicultural; inspired by tradition, but with a timeless, yet contemporary appeal.

We were asked to rebrand their current logo and design a logo that was sensitive yet stylish; in a similar vein to the way S9 Muses curate and source their products. The logo needed to be bold, clear, confident and unique with an emphasis on the story and meaning behind their brand name.

We took the 9 Muses as a starting point and made them symbolic of 9 diamonds spaced equally in between the typography.

This resulted in a unique and highly recognisable logo type in dual colours, to represent the two visionaries at the helm of the brand.

We have also created all the branding and marketing material for S9 Muses as well as undertaken their marketing and social media. Design work has included business cards, stationery, illustrations for the website, postcards, adverts, invitations, greeting cards, flyers, Instagram images and more.


“Before we started working with Creative ID, our branding and logo was designed by ourselves when we initially set up the business. Somewhat amateurish; yet we thought it was perfect, under the circumstances, as it represented us. It was good while it lasted. While we worked with Creative ID, they helped us redefine our brand, streamline our vision, made us think very much outside the box and realise our true potential through advice, creative styling and designing, whilst pulling together their many years of experience in the industry to head our design and marketing for us. ”

S9 Muses