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We have created the branding and numerous marketing pieces for Ananya, which is our sister company. Ananya create beautifully bespoke and original stationery for many occasions and celebrations; including wedding invitations and greeting cards as well as cards for multicultural festivals and events. The name Ananya means ‘without equal’. The company aspires to live up to the name and vision of creating unique and innovative designs. 

Ananya products have a signature deluxe and exotic feel, combining eastern and western design elements with metallic inks and hand-embellished crystals. To capture this sophistication and attention to detail we designed Ananya’s logo to have an aesthetically attractive symmetrical shape, with clean elegant typography and petal shapes. We chose overlapping portions of petals in a darker red, which gives the impression that the logo is being lit from behind. It evokes the feeling of the warm glow of sunlight through a flower and captures the luminous quality of the brand.

The colours of the logo and delicate petal shapes were designed to reflect the exotic allure of The East, whilst still having a modern, western signature. The logo shape has a jewel like nature which we felt reflected the luxuriousness of the brand.

Our advertising and publicity pieces typically echo the typographic styles of the cards, with a subtle and minimalist presentation which allows Ananya and its stationery to speak for itself. This is clear to see in our recent work for Ananya's PG Live exhibition stand, which included signage, brochures and publicity material.